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Poll Worker Positions

To apply online…. Click here

If you want to apply for a stand-by poll worker position, please read the following instructions:

  1. Please fill out one of the following applications and return it to the Board of Elections office in the borough of your residence.
  2. Please read carefully the requirements for each position and apply only for the one you qualify.
  3. Remember, as a stand-by poll worker you will be notified to report to work by the Board of Elections only if your services are needed.
  4. You will find additional information, including work hours and pay, on each application.

Available Positions

Job Title: Poll Worker Download the application (pdf) 
Description: Depending on your registration status and availability you may be assigned to work as an Inspector, Poll Clerk, Information Clerk or Accessibility Clerk.

Inspector/Poll Clerk are generally responsible for the operations in the ED, including opening the polls, serving voters and closing the polls including accuracy of canvass. Inspectors must stay for completion of canvass and tally. Ensures that Affidavit Ballot Envelopes are completed correctly and signs each one. Responsible for the set-up & closing of the Ballot Marking Device and Scanner. Assists the voter as needed on this equipment

Information Clerk use the Street Finder and Poll Site List to direct voters to their correct ED/AD and poll site. May also be re-assigned to be an Inspector or Poll Clerk on Election Day, as necessary.

Accessibility Clerk ensures that the alternate entrance is accessible throughout the day. Monitors the entrance to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering. Checks to see that a ramp with handrails and/or platform are in place if required. Assists but does not provide physical help to disabled voters entering the site. Checks that access posters, directional arrows, "Vote Here/Vota Aqui" signs and all other outdoor signs are hung properly. 
Requirements:   Inspector/Poll Clerk/Information Clerk – Must be a registered voter in the City of New York
Accessibility Clerk - Permanent U.S. resident, New York City resident, and 18 years of age
Job Title: Interpreter  Download the application (pdf) 
Description: The Interpreter assists non-English speaking voters by translating voting information given by the Inspector and answers voter questions. The Interpreter may also assist non-English and limited-English speaking voters in voting booths.
Requirements:   Permanent U.S. resident, New York City Resident, 18 years of age, fluent in English and Interpreter's language.

For further information on how to be a poll worker, please call the EDO office at (212) 487-5305 or call the Board of Elections Phone Bank at 1-866-vote-nyc