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Shuttle for Voters In Rockaway, Coney Island & Staten Island

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has designated  MTA buses will run shuttle service on Election Day to carry voters from damaged polling places to alternate sites established by the Board of Election on Staten Island and Coney Island and in the Rockaways.  The free Election Day shuttle buses will run in addition to other schedule bus service in the areas.

The buses will be marked by “Voter Shuttle” destination signs, and will run from 5:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. to help voters, particularly those displaced by the storm, get to the polling stations. 

MTA buses will also be dispatched to carry Board of Election polling station workers from the Queens headquarters in Kew Gardens to their newly assigned polling stations in the three areas.  The buses will run in 15 minute intervals.  Routes for the “Voter Shuttle” buses are as follows:

New Polling Site-Far Rockaway HS   (Download in PDF)
New Polling Site-MS 53    (Download in PDF)
New Polling Site- PS 104   (Download in PDF)
New Polling Site- PS 180   (Download in PDF
Staten Island:
New Polling Site-College of Staten Island   (Download in PDF)
New Polling Site-Staten Island Academy   (Download in PDF
Coney Island
New Polling Site-Abraham Lincoln HS   (Download in PDF)
New Polling Site- PS 370    (Download in PDF)
New Polling Site- PS 100   (Download in PDF