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Using The New Voting System

Vote the New Way.  It's as easy as 

Get Your Paper Ballot

  • Go to your designated poll site, sign in and get your paper ballot from the poll worker.

  • A privacy sleeve will be provided to shield your ballot from view after you have marked it.
  • Go to the privacy booth

Mark Your Paper Ballot

  • Fill in the ovals below the names of the candidates/ proposals of your choice with the pen provided.

Correctly marked oval
  • Do not use an "X" or a "√"
  • Do not circle the oval or make stray marks on the ballot

Incorrectly marked ovals
  • For a write-in candidate, fill in the appropriate oval and write in the candidate's name.
  • Ballot marking devices (BMDs) are available for voters who need assistance.
Scan Your Paper Ballot

  • Take your ballot to the scanner area.
  • Select the language of your choice by touching the corresponding button on the screen.
  • Do not fold your ballot before inserting it into the scanner.
  • Insert your marked ballot into the scanner to cast your vote.

What If?

What if I want to make changes to my ballot after marking it?
You may request a new ballot from a poll worker at any time prior to inserting it into the scanner (up to 3 ballots total).

What if I mark more choices for one contest than I am supposed to?
The scanner will notify you of an overvote and give you the option to cast your ballot "as is" or return your ballot. If you cast your ballot "as is" your vote in that contest will not be counted. If you choose to have your ballot returned to you, see a poll worker to receive a new ballot (up to 3 ballots total).

What if I have difficulty seeing or marking the paper ballot?
A magnifying sheet will be provided in the privacy booth.  Ballot marking devices (BMDs) are available to assist any voter in marking the ballot by using an adjustable touch screen, audio headphones, Braille keypad, rocker paddle or sip and puff device.

What if I insert my ballot upside down or backwards?
The scanner accepts ballots in any direction and reads both sides of the ballot. The scanner will notify you that your vote has been cast successfully. Your vote, along with all other votes on the scanner, will be tallied at the poll site on election night.

What if I need assistance in the poll site?
Bi-partisan teams of poll workers are available to provide assistance. Interpreters are also available when required for Spanish, Chinese-Mandarin, Chinese-Cantonese and Korean.

Find out more about the new way to vote by calling 866-VOTE-NYC (866-868-3692), TTY 212-487-5496