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Using the Ballot Marking Device (BMD)

Marking your ballot using the Ballot Marking Device (BMD)

Accessibility Features

  • At the bottom of the display screen you may change how the ballot looks:
    • Select "ZOOM IN" to make the text larger.
    • Select "ZOOM OUT" to bring the text back to original size.
    • Select "HIGH CONTRAST" to display the ballot in white text on a black background.
  • You may adjust the audio on the headphones:
    • Repeat audio.
    • Increase or decrease the speed of the audio.
    • Increase or decrease the audio volume. (The volume is initially set on low.)
The BMD provides two ways for voters to access the ballot:

1. See the ballot on the display screen

2. Listen to the ballot through audio headphones
The BMD provides four ways for voters to mark the ballot:

1. Touch screen

2. Key Pad (Braille)

3. Sip & Puff Device

4. Rocker Paddle

Follow these steps to mark your ballot using the BMD:

1. Decide how you will access and mark the ballot (see options left).

2. Insert your ballot into the feed tray.

3. Select your preferred language.

4. Select each candidate and/or issue for which you intend to mark a vote.
  • Your selections will be highlighted in yellow on the screen and will be read through the headphones.
  • Make sure the oval is filled in black.

5. For write-in candidates, select "Write-in."
  • Select letters to type the name of a candidate and select "OK."

6. After completing your ballot, review your selections.
  • To change a selection, select the contest or issue you would like to change and reselct the proper choice. Select "NEXT" to return to the summary screen.

7. When finished, select "NEXT." Select "Mark Ballot" to print your marked ballot.

8. Take your printed ballot to the scanner area.
  • If you would like assistance inserting your ballot into the scanner, a poll worker will assist you.