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Commissioners & Management

Commissioners of Elections

Rosanna Vargas

John Wm. Zaccone

Jose Miguel Araujo
John Flateau, Ph.D.
Maria R. Guastella
Michael Michel
Alan Schulkin
Simon Shamoun
Robert Siano
Frederic M. Umane


Executive Management

Michael J. Ryan
Executive Director

Dawn Sandow
Deputy Executive Director

Pamela Perkins
Administrative Manager

Georgea Kontzamanis
Operations Manager

Department Managers at the Board's General Office

Sherwin A. Suss
Agency Chief Contracting Officer

Troy Johnson
Candidate Records Unit

Steve Ferguson
Director Of Management Information Systems

Debra Leible
Election Day Operations/Poll Site

John Naudus
Electronic Voting Systems

Gerald Sullivan
Finance Officer

Steven H. Richman
General Counsel

Raphael Savino
Deputy General Counsel
Enforcement Counsel

Steven Guglielmi
Personnel Director

Bonnie Bibula
Records Management

Valerie Vazquez
Public Affairs and Communications

Raymond Hummel
Director of Equipment

Beth Fossella
Coordinator, Voter Registration

Daniel Lavelle
Coordinator of Customer Service